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Think tattoos are a lifetime commitment? Think again. Tattoo-trying game from Wolford Ink marks an inspiring interplay of creativity, innovative spirit, and craftsmanship. We have brought together our substantial skills with five renowned tattoo artists from Hamburg, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris and London – Europe’s coolest hubs. With their art, they play a significant role as trend forecasters and influencers. Part of a new majority of self consciousness and empowerment, they leverage diversity and personal choice as generational highlights.

Sheer 15 Tights in gobi make the perfect foundation for your personal second skin tattoo.

MELINA WENDLANDT - born and raised in the coolest city in Germany, Hamburg, Melina has studied Design and Communication, but had started tattooing long before finishing her studies. It was love at first sight. The moment she had made her first tattoo she knew she wanted to transform what had been just a passion into her carrier. The day after graduating she started to work in a tattoo studio in Hamburg and in a blink of an eye she was able to open her own, VADERS.DYE. “Today I am able to create art on people’s skin. It is the greatest honor. My style is ornamental, very delicate and clean, I’m mainly doing outlines. I love my tattoos to look like fine jewelry.”