Daily paillette bra

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Glitter pink

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  • We like : the softness of the knit.
  • For a sublime neckline, lightly round due to its softness, let's be seduced by the coque bra.
  • Progressive coque for A and B cups.
  • Daily Paillette coque bra made of shiny knit, oft and tonic, closely fitting the body, printed with a floral pattern highlighted by golden sparkling sequin, showing a delicate geometrical feminine look.
  • A polyamide elastane wide graphic elastic showing lines of polka dots or pearls is used as finish of the coque bra.
  • The straps are non stop to let the greatest freedom to adjust.
  • An organza ribbon with a flower made of sateen ribbon, whose heart is made of a strass graces the cleavage of Daily Paillette coque bra.

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