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Antient rose

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A T-shirt bra with a playful side… The seductive line of this balcony bra with smooth padded cups is accentuated by the sexy lace on the shoulder straps. And what about these elegant ties? La vie en rose… Ancient rose combines a fashionable old pink with a lighter pink lace accent.


Some women change their bra every two days, others change once a week...

This really depends on the individual. Some women perspire more than others, and their lingerie will need washing more often. Use your eyes and your nose to determine whether you need to change your bra.

Your bra will last longer if you wash it by hand. If you do prefer to machine wash, be sure to use a wash bag, never use wool detergents and never wash at higher than 85°F. You should never put your bra in the tumble dryer or dry it in direct sunlight or close to a strong heat source, like a radiator.