SONA Cruise 2 Sonic Massager



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Product Details

SONA 2 CRUISE is a sonic massager which, with the help of Cruise Control technology, automatically regulates the power to maintain its speed and strength. This toy is sleeker than ever and has 12 settings.

SONA 2 CRUISE combines all the best features of LELO’s technology, innovation and style.  This sonic massager stimulates 75% more of the user’s clitoris and not only on the outside - its impact can be felt even deeper underneath.

SONA 2 operates with Cruise Control technology, which means that when it’s pressed hard against body it won’t drop its power, which eventually delivers perfectly consistent, complication-free experience. It’s not a setting, it’s completely automatic and it’s made for the best experience. There are 12 powerful yet gentle enough settings to choose so every user can find the perfect one.

For more convenient use, the way SONA 2 CRUISE turns off is now changed. Instead of pushing and holding ( – ) on the control board, the middle button ( ) acts as setting changer and off button.


  • Softer Sonic Waves
  • Bigger Surface
  • Wider Range of Settings
  • Innovative Cruise Control
  • Extra Soft Silicone and Waterproof Design
  • Rechargeable